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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


Why would the writers have Will agree to be Benís best friend? While weíre at it, why would the writers make Will and Ben friends when Ben killed him? Will may be alive now, but it was no thanks to Ben that heís alive. If Ben had his way, he would be dead. The writers are going overboard trying to make us believe that Ben changed that they think we will believe it if Will forgives him. Will may have forgiven him, but that doesnít change the fact that he killed three other people.

Ciara had the nerve to practically make Claire grovel when she tried to talk to her. Ciara was the one that said she would give Claire another chance since she gave Ben one yet she kept treating Claire as if she wasnít going to give her another chance. Ciara did end up forgiving her, but she gave her a hard time about it for someone who was going to give her another chance because she gave Ben one.

Sarah is getting on our nerves with her revenge against Xander. We understand why sheís upset with him because he did lie to her, but she was acting as if he kept her child from her. He kept her from knowing what it was like to lose a child. Brady has more of a reason to get revenge on Xander than she does and heís not as obsessed with getting revenge. We donít approve of what Xander did, but she needs to give it a rest.

Maggie was also high and mighty towards Xander. She didnít want to hear what he wanted to say about getting Sarah back. Maggie forgot that Xander saved her life when she tried to kill herself. You would think that she would have been a little more willing to help him considering what he did for her.

Page updated 6/15/20

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