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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


Maybe itís just us, but we werenít happy about Ben and Ciara celebrating their engagement. In fact, those scenes were fast forward material. We still donít see Ben and Ciara as this great supercouple so we donít care that they are engaged. We are hoping that the writers will come to their senses and break them up.

Ciara expected Hope to rush and accept her being engaged to Ben. Ciara even went so far as to use Bo as a way to get her to approve of the engagement. Ciara should have expected Hope not to approve of their engagement right away. At least Hope remembered that Ben was a killer for why she wasnít exactly ready to embrace him as her son-in-law. Besides, Ciara said she didnít care if her mother approved of their engagement so why did it matter if she did or not. We would have loved to have seen what Ciara would have done if Hope didnít approve of it. Would Hope still be the best mother ever? We donít think so.

Chad showed that he was a true DiMera when he tried to throw his weight around with Rafe. Chad told Rafe he was going to make him pay if something happened to Abby. Chad wasted no time trying to threaten Rafe because he wasnít doing enough to look for Abby. We enjoyed seeing Rafe put Chad in his place. Rafe threatened to put him in jail if he kept talking to him the way he did.

Speaking of Abby, are we the only ones who are tired of her being crazy? We didnít miss it when she was going through it before. Weíre pretty sure the writers remembered how the audience was sick of seeing her go through her DID. Why would they put us through this again?  It was bad enough that Chad just went through this, why did we have to go through it again with Abby? Hopefully this story wonít last long because it was annoying the first time.

Was anyone really surprised that Rolf admitted to helping Stefan? We figured that Jake was going to turn out to be Stefan. It was the worst kept secret. It took very little to get Rolf to admit to what he did. If the writers were going to bring Stefan back, there was no point in killing him off.  He may as well have stayed on the show.

Page updated 5/13/20

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