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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


Kristen was upset that she didn’t have her baby. It’s ironic that she feels that way considering she was willing to take Sarah’s baby before it was born. Of course this was all before Kristen suddenly “changed” her ways and became a “good” person. We understand why she was upset that Sarah took off with Mickey, but was she really in a position to say anything when she planned to take her child in the first place?

Abby had the nerve to basically say that Kristen’s grief was just an excuse to justify killing Haley. Did she forget what she went through when she framed Gabi for murder? She was given the get-out-of-jail free card for her actions when her other personality took over and wreaked havoc in Salem. Is Abby the only one who is allowed to use grief as an excuse for her actions? She of all people should understand what Kristen went through.

Maybe it’s just us, but we are sick of Gabi’s smug attitude when it comes to running DiMera. We didn’t realize she became this no nonsense woman when it comes to business. She really acts as if she’s the only one who could run DiMera Enterprises. We can’t wait to see her fall flat on her face.

Xander told Victor that he wanted to find Sarah and help her with Mickey. The writers are going overboard trying to convince us that he loves Sarah. If the writers wanted Xander to look like he was a good character, why would they have him mess up again? They shouldn’t have bothered trying to make Xander and Sarah a couple if they were going to have a big lie between them. With that said, the writers are going overboard trying to get the audience to believe that Xander loves Sarah more than life itself. If he did, he wouldn’t have deceived her the way he did.

Page updated 4/22/20

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