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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/9/18 - 4/13/18

Marlena confronted Stefan and Abby/Gabi about Abby’s alters.  Marlena figured out that they were involved in Andre’s murder. When Marlena got too close to the truth, Abby/Gabi hit her in the head with a fire poker.  As usual, Marlena was kidnapped.  Stefan and Abby/Gabi put her in the tunnels.  It must be in Deidre’s contract to be kidnapped all of the time.  Anyway, Marlena thought she was being smart by confronting them about Abby’s alters as well as Andre’s murder.  She would have been better off bringing John with her so she wouldn’t have been alone.

Marlena brought up a point about Stefan taking advantage of Abby/Gabi.  We have been thinking that he was taking advantage of her too.  He may as well be raping her.  He knows that Abby isn’t in her right frame of mind when she is Gabi, but he still wants to be with her.  He acts as if it’s normal to be with an alter.  He must really be desperate to be with someone that he has to be with an alter. 

Speaking of Abby, when was she established as a liar while Gabi was considered the paragon of virtue?  Everyone was convinced that Abby had to lie about Gabi confessing to killing Andre even though she swore on Thomas’ life that Gabi confessed to her.  For some reason, Gabi had to be the one telling the truth because she swore on Arianna’s life that she didn’t kill Andre.  The audience knows that Abby is lying, but the people on the show don’t know it.  Abby’s own husband was willing to believe that another woman had to be telling the truth while his own wife had to be lying.  It is so obvious that the writers love propping Gabi up as the epitome of honesty.  This must have been the point of this story. 

Ciara and Claire’s story is turning out to be a disappointment.  We aren’t surprised that it is a disappointment.  We are tired of the constant bickering between them over this contest.  The story is showing how conceited and spoiled Claire really is.  If you ask us, neither one of them deserve to win the contest.  Claire loves doting all over herself while Ciara is only interested in getting revenge on Claire.  It is so convenient that they are the only two in the running for the competition.  Where are the other competitors?

Speaking of the competition, Brady and Eve really made a bet over the competition.  If Claire wins the competition, Eve has to give him another chance.  If he wins, he has to give up on her.  We really can’t believe this is the best the writers can give them?  Besides, why would he choose sides in the competition when he is related to both of them?

We like the idea of Rafe fighting to make his marriage to Hope work.  He was determined to make her see that he wouldn’t hurt her again.  When she showed him the annulment papers, he threw them in the garbage.  He told her that he wasn’t giving up on their marriage.  He went to Justin to get him to help him keep her from divorcing him.  We can’t wait to see if they can fall in love with each other again.  We like them as a couple and don’t want to see them break up.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 4/15/18

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