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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/26/18 Ė 3/2/18

Kayla blamed John for Steveís condition. She really ripped into him for why Steve could be blind. Steve understood Johnís situation and said he would have done the same thing. Steve was really understanding about what John did considering he is losing his vision in his good eye. John may have apologized for what he did to Steve, but John was selfish. He thought his family was more important than Steveís life. We can understand why Kayla was upset with John.

Gabi claimed that she didnít want to be away from her daughter for why she didnít want to go to prison. She has a funny way of showing that she wants to be around Arianna. She had opportunities to be with her, but she chose not to be. She spent the night with Eli instead of being with Arianna. After her trial, she told Sonny that she didnít want to go to Rafe and Hopeís wedding because she wouldnít be good company. She knew her daughter was sick and was feeling worse, but she chose to go to the wedding instead of being with Arianna.

Maybe itís just us, but Abbyís performance as Gabi is annoying. She is trying too hard to prove that she has a personality. Unfortunately, it isnít working for her because it is grating watching her act as Gabi. No offense to the actress, but she isnít a strong enough actress to pull off having multiple personality disorder. She can barely pull off one personality let alone trying to pull off two.

Why would JJ want to marry Lani on the day of Hope and Rafeís wedding? Hope and Rafe may not have been planning the day that long, but everything was set up for their wedding. What made JJ think they would have been okay with him and Lani having a double wedding with them? We know JJ was in a rush to get married, but why not elope the next day?

Speaking of JJ, why wasnít he at Gabiís trial? You would think he would have been there for her after she was there for him when he tried to kill himself. He really proved his gratitude to her for saving his life. This was a chance to prove that he would be there for her when she needed him. Instead, he was obsessed with marrying Lani.

Claire showed what a b*tch she was when she revealed to Hope that Rafe cheated on her with Sami.  Claire could have pulled Hope aside and told her privately.  Instead, Claire chose to tell Hope in front of her guests.  Claire didnít put Hopeís feelings or happiness into consideration when she spilled the beans.  She was only concerned with getting back at Ciara.  Claire didnít care if Hope had a right to know.  She just wanted to get revenge on Ciara for keeping a secret from her.

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Page updated 3/3/18

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