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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/5/18 Ė 2/9/18

Valerie confronted Lani about the baby this week. Valerie told Lani that she knew the truth about her baby. Lani was understandably upset that she looked in her file. If that wasnít enough, Valerie forced Lani to tell Eli the truth about the baby. We didnít think Valerie would do that. We are pretty sure Valerie didnít care how the truth would affect JJ. All Valerie cared about was Eli.

Speaking of Lani, we were surprised that Lani told Eli that he is the father of her baby. We figured she would have found a way to get out of telling him. She didnít really have a choice since Valerie made her tell the truth. We are curious as to how this story will play out now that Eli knows the truth. We wonder how long it will take for JJ to find out the truth.

Gabi was charged with suspicion of murdering Andre. Rafe and Eli saw footage of a woman who ďlookedĒ like Gabi go in Andreís office with an urn. The woman had Gabiís key card. We might need to get our eyes checked because the woman on the footage looked nothing like Gabi. Also, the woman had straight hair while Gabiís hair was curly. What are the odds that Gabi would straighten her hair when she went back to Andreís office? This was just one more way the writers have to make everything about Gabi.

While weíre on the subject of Gabi being charged with suspicion of murder, Hope reminded Rafe that he was suspended for helping Gabi in the past. Itís something how she doesnít want him to help Gabi, but she was okay with him helping her cover up a murder. Hopeís hypocrisy knows no limits when it concerns the law. She suddenly wants to be by-the-book and follow the rules. What if Rafe and Roman did that when she killed Stefano?

We have a couple of theories about Andreís killer. We think Abby is the killer. She is the only one who is obsessed with finding the killer (besides the police). She could have easily set up Gabi as the killer by pretending to be her. The person on the security footage knew not to face the camera when she went in Andreís office. Abby most likely knows where the cameras are so she would know to hide her face. She is Gabiís best friend so she would know where to get Gabiís coat. She could have used one of Gabiís wigs. Abby could be getting Gabi out of the way to keep her from Chad. Abby could also be working with Andre to get rid of Stefan and Vivian. Abby and Andre could be setting up his death to get them out of the way. We will see if we are right about our theories.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 2/13/18

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