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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/25/17 Ė 12/29/17

Eli and Lani ended up having sex based on a misunderstanding.  She got the wrong idea about JJ and Gabi and went running to Eli.  Anyway, they ended up being wrong about what she saw.  She and Eli had revenge sex for nothing.  They acted as if they didnít do anything wrong when they were with Gabi and JJ.  Lani should have told JJ what she saw when she found them and she wouldnít have been with Eli in the first place.  Eli had the nerve to get smart with Gabi at first until he realized that she wasnít with JJ.  He was the one who actually cheated, but he acted as if he didnít do anything wrong.  They will eventually get caught and then they will have to explain what they did.

Theo woke up this week.  Abe got his Christmas miracle and Theo woke up.  We know Abe wanted Theo to wake up because heís his son and he loves him.  Ciara and Claire love him too so that would explain why they were relieved too.  JJ and Kateís reactions didnít seem as genuine.  JJ was probably relieved because he felt guilty for shooting Theo.  He wanted to be absolved of his guilt.  Itís funny how he didnít feel like killing himself anymore once Abe forgave him and Theo woke up.  Theo also let him off the hook by blaming himself for the shooting.  Kate needed him to wake up because she felt guilty too.  She barely saw him in the hospital while he was in a coma so she wasnít too worried about it.  Theo let her off the hook by keeping quiet about what she had him do.  No wonder they were okay with him being awake since they were able to feel better about what they did.

Speaking of Kate, why does she always get away with what she does?  As we mentioned, Theo told Lani and Abe that no one told him to go to the warehouse.  She even confessed to Abe that she was the one who told Theo to go to the warehouse.  Abe ended up forgiving her for it.  She kept quiet about what she did, but didnít have to pay for it.  What was the point of it coming out that she sent Theo to the warehouse? 

Claire and Ciara fought over Theo this week.  They were more concerned about that than they were about Theo.  Ciara had her chance to be with Theo, but she didnít want him.  She must have forgotten that she was mad at him when she left Salem.  Theo had no way of knowing that she still felt anything for her.  She must expect him to dump Clare because sheís back in town.  Claire is no better.  She was upset with him because he bought her followers, but now she wants to be the doting girlfriend.  Theo should probably be alone especially since they donít seem too stable anymore.  It wonít be long before they are fighting over Tripp.  Ciara already wants to use him to break up Claire and Theo.  She will fall for him just as Claire will fall for him.

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Page updated 1/2/18

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