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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/8/18 Ė 1/12/18

Do the writers insist on making Jennifer and Eric be idiots?  The answer must be because they are choosing not to use their brains.  They were confused about the kiss and talked about it to people.  They were told to talk to each other about it.  The idea makes a lot of sense, right?  What do you think they did?  They chose not to talk to each other about it.  Their situation could be solved by five-minute conversation.  She could have found out that Eric was over Nicole.  Eric would know Jennifer didnít want to date Dr. Shah.  We know the writers want to add conflict to their story, but itís turned into the idiot plot. 

Lani found out that sheís pregnant.  She and Eli work very fast.  She and Eli were together on Christmas and now sheís a few weeks pregnant.  We arenít mathematicians, but we know that the math doesnít work in this situation.  It hasnít even been a few weeks since they were together, but sheís already pregnant.  We were surprised that she admitted to Kayla that she cheated on JJ.  Lani did end up getting Kayla involved so thatís possibly going to be an issue.  Speaking of Lani, she had the gall to blame Eli for them having sex.  She must have forgotten that she was the one who set the ball in motion by going to him.  She wanted to ease her conscience by assuming he wanted revenge.  He was willing to let it drop, but she insisted on bringing up the fling without telling him the truth.  She did end up talking about it enough for JJ to hear her.  She will be in a bigger bind now that JJ knows the truth.

We had this issue with Gabi before and itís time to mention it again. What is so special about Gabi Chic?  When did the company get so popular?  Stefan, Kate, and Andre had to beg her to stay with DiMera.  We donít get how great the company is that they had to keep begging a new business owner to sell to them.  Stefan had Gabiís number when he called her out.  Stefan told Gabi that she wanted to turn down the offer because Chad wasnít the CEO anymore.  She got mad because he was right about her.  He was patient with her while she flipped flopped with her decision, but he was obnoxious when he told her about himself.  She would deserve it if both companies turned her down or destroyed her business.

Steve seems to be going through something.  He was dizzy and his vision was blurry.  It happened out of the blue.  He seemed fine until he drank some water.  After he drank the water, he started feeling funny.  It was convenient how people wanted him to read once his vision became blurry.  He will have to tell Kayla about it soon because he canít keep the secret much longer without getting busted.  Heís married to a doctor who could catch is condition easily so it makes no sense to keep the truth from her.  Kayla could have help him so he should tell her about his eye.

Here are a couple of random thoughts:

Why would Kayla suggest that Lani give her baby up for adoption?  Did she forget that JJ would see that she was pregnant and want to know why she wanted to give up the baby?

Did Brady really think that Eve would marry him and let him take her money from her?  Does he really think heís that great in bed that she would forget how he framed her for murder?  She wouldnít be dumb enough to believe that he loved her.


The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 1/13/18

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