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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/7/16 - 11/11/16

JJ confessed to Jennifer that he cheated on Gabi.  He had an elaborate story about how he cheated on Gabi, but something about the confession seemed suspicious.  We find it hard to believe that he cheated on Gabi so easily.  It wonít be a surprise when it comes out that heís hiding a deeper secret than that.

Did you notice how jealous Gabi seemed when Bradleyís wife was interested in Chad?  Bradley is Chadís business associate, but his wife seemed to care too much about his personal life.  Gabi acted like a jealous girlfriend when the wife questioned her about Chad.  Chad is not her man so she didnít have a right to be jealous.  Also, she kept giving Vicky information about Chad.

If Chloe planned on telling Nicole the truth about the baby, why was she taking so long to do it?  She kept finding every reason she could think of to keep from telling her the truth.  Chloe managed to tell Philip the truth about the baby, but she didnít tell Nicole.

Gabi was a little too willing to kiss Chad to prove to Vicky that he was her man. Itís so obvious that sheís going to fall for him. If she loved JJ so much, she would have been with him when he was released from the hospital instead of being with Chad.  It was so convenient that JJ cheated on Gabi so she would have an excuse to be with Chad.

Was anyone else surprised that Andre was working with Laura to keep Abby away from her family?  Why would Laura want to make Jennifer think that her daughter was dead?  She knew that Jennifer was upset that Abby was dead so why would she keep up the charade?

Why is JJ suddenly worried about cheating on Gabi?  Heís known for months that he cheated on Gabi and didnít seem to care.  Now he suddenly cares about what he did to her.  You would think he would have felt guilty when he did it.


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Page updated 11/11/16

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