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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/26/16 - 9/30/16

Nicole judged Deimos for having Chloe followed.  She had a lot of nerve getting upset with Deimos for wanting to know whether Chloe’s having his baby.  Did she forget that she’s keeping the truth about the baby from him?  She will expect Deimos to understand that she knew all along that Chloe lied about her baby.

Speaking of Chloe, what did she think Deimos was going to do to the baby?  She wanted to “protect” her baby from Deimos.  He wants to have a child so what did she think would happen if he found out the truth?  We think that Chloe is worried about herself.  She’s afraid that Deimos will take the baby from her.  She would deserve it if he did since she lied about the baby of her father…or did she?

Was anyone else hoping that Clyde would have shot Kate this week?  Kate was being so smug to Clyde when she thought she had the upper hand.  Once Clyde got the gun from her, she had to beg for her life.  Clyde should have pulled the trigger when he had the chance because she kept getting smart with him as if he wouldn’t kill her.

We believe that Kate switched Chloe’s paternity test results.  She doesn’t want Chloe to be with Philip so she could have easily switched them so that it would look like she was with another man.  We didn’t believe Kate’s phony outrage over finding out that Deimos wasn’t the father.  Kate manages to be responsible for most of the things that goes on in Salem so she most likely changed the results.  It won’t be a surprise to us when it’s revealed that she made sure that Chloe’s test results were changed.

Why did the writers change Chloe’s story?  Chloe didn’t let on that she had sex with another man, but now there’s a possibility that someone else could be the father of her baby.  Chloe was alone when she said that Deimos was the father so why did it just occur to her that someone else was the father.  She could have told Deimos the truth and said someone else was the father instead of going along with Philip’s plan.  We think Austin might be the father and that’s why she wouldn’t tell Philip the identity of the father.  He’s coming back to the show so that could be why he’s coming back to the show.

Hope and Rafe got what they deserved because they are constantly talking about killing Stefano.  Aiden recorded Hope admitting to killing Stefano to Rafe.  She wanted to be caught or she wouldn’t keep talking about it in public.  We cheered Aiden on for being smart enough to record Hope and Rafe talking to each other.

Speaking of Hope being busted, we loved the look on her face when Aiden let her know that he knows that she killed Stefano.  She just knew that Aiden wasn’t going to find out the truth, but she was wrong.


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Page updated 9/30/16

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