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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/5/16 - 9/9/16

Laura made her return this week
Laura was back on the show after being gone for years.  She came to town and told Jennifer about Abby.  We thought Laura was going to drop a bomb on Jennifer.  She only told her that Abby had posttraumatic stress disorder.  We couldnít have been more disappointed by that surprise.  We knew that Laura wasnít going to reveal anything too shocking, but that was a complete letdown.  We were surprised that she got the chance to run into Kate while she was in town.  Laura didnít hesitate to put Kate in her place because she was with her husband (Bill).  She also mentioned Peter and that was a shock.  We didnít think the writers even remembered that Peterís a DiMera.  Lauraís return was short and weíre not sure when she will be back.  If she has more scenes with Kate, we wouldnít mind if she came back for another couple of episodes.

Orpheus met Clyde
Marlena visited Clyde this week and managed to miss seeing Orpheus.  We have no idea who Orpheus is, but heís someone from Marlenaís past.  Orpheus and Clyde want to get out of prison to get revenge on people.  Orpheus is going after Marlena and John and Clyde has his own list of people to target.  They are going to break out with Xander to go to Salem.  This story is a big deal to the writers.  Weíre not sure how to feel about this one.  Clyde and Xander were annoying while they were on the show so itís not that good that they are back.  We donít know about Orpheus so hopefully he wonít be annoying.  It would be good to see Marlena in a front-burner story.  She hasnít had one in a long time.  Unfortunately, the people that Clyde and Xander are targeting are going to be focused on too.  Hopefully the story will be an interesting one to watch.  We arenít impressed or excited about these returns, but it doesnít hurt to keep an open mind about them. 

Tateís kidnapper was revealed
This was supposed to be the big mystery of the summer.  The writers went out of their way to keep the personís identity a secret until now.  Kate was Tateís kidnapper.  Our mouths flew opening shock, but not for the right reason.  We didnít suspect Kate to be the kidnapper at all.  She had a reason to do it, but it was a letdown that she did it.  She had no way of pulling off the crime.  She didnít speak to Summer the entire time she was in Salem so how could she blackmail her into taking Tate?  She didnít have a way to get into Victorís house to plant the drugs used on Theresa on the floor.  The writers should have made the kidnapper someone else who could have had access to Victor, Brady, and Theresa.  Besides, she is a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother so why would she take a baby like that?  This act is out of character even for Kate.  What did she plan to do with Tate?  She had him and didnít ask for money.  Did she just want Victor to go to jail?  Was she hoping Deimos was accused instead of Victor?  The reveal didnít solve anything.  The reveal left us with more questions than answers.


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Page updated 9/9/16

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