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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/22/16 - 8/26/16

Kayla and Steve were supposed to go to therapy
We donít understand if the writers want us to root for Steve and Kayla to get back together.  They continue to ride this roller coaster that doesnít seem to end.  Kayla gave Steve one more hurdle to climb.  He had to agree to go to couplesí therapy with her.  She knows that he doesnít want to do that, but she didnít care.  He agreed, but he didnít go after all.  He should have stood his ground and told her that he didnít want to go.  He has done what she wanted, but she wonít stop coming up with reasons to keep them apart.  We are getting to the point where we donít care if they reunite or not.

Sonny and Maggie believed Victor was innocent
Victor made bail this week and Sonny and Maggie believed he was innocent.  They believe that someone set him up.  They donít know if heís guilty or not, but they donít think he did it.  Thatís good that they are supporting him like that.  He will need someone by his side once the trial starts.

Deimos found out about the baby
Kate made sure that Deimos found out that Chloe was pregnant.  She still wonít get him back so the plan was a waste.  Anyway, Deimos confronted Chloe about the baby.  She let him think Philip is the father.  She is making a mistake because Deimos will find out the truth and he may take the child from her.  She will regret the decision of lying about the baby.

Hope couldnít work with Aiden because he belongs in jail
We couldnít believe it when we heard that come out her mouth.  She also wanted to quit because she couldnít work with him.  Did she forget that she belongs in jail herself?  She is a killer, but she was only focused on what Aiden did to her.  Aiden belongs in jail, but she belongs there too.  She killed someone in cold blood so she should be in jail too.  She also needs to stop threatening to quit so much.  Sheís ready to quit the force every time something goes wrong.  Roman should take her badge from her for good.

Hope wasnít there for Jennifer
Hope knows that Jennifer believes her daughter is dead.  Do you think she was there for her?  If you answered yes, then you were wrong.  Hope didnít show up at the house for Jennifer.  She should have been there because Jennifer is in pain.  She doesnít know that Abby is actually alive so she should have been there for Jennifer.  Jennifer was there for Hope when she lost Bo so you would think that she would return the favor.


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Page updated 9/2/16

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