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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/1/16 - 8/5/16

Jennifer wanted Aiden to be her lawyer
Has Jennifer developed short-term memory loss?  She must have something wrong with her to think that it was okay that she wanted to ask Aiden to be her attorney.  She knew what Aiden did to Hope so it didnít make any sense that she would want his help.  Jennifer could have gone to another attorney to get custody of Thomas.  It must not have occurred to her that Aiden was working for the DiMeras.  What made her think that he wouldnít help Chad win the case?

Hope expected Jennifer to do what she wanted
We donít think Jennifer was right to want to go to Aiden for help, but Hope wasnít right either.  Hope didnít care about Abby being missing or that Jennifer was addicted to drugs.  Hope was only focused on the fact that Jennifer wanted to ask Aiden for help.  Hope quickly forgot about Jenniferís problems and focused on her own the way she normally does.  All Hope was willing to do was give Jennifer names of attorneys she could use.  She could have gotten on the phone and gotten some leads on Abbyís whereabouts.  We know that means Hope would have to think of someone other than herself, but it would have been a nice change of pace.

Nicole made love with Deimos
It looks like Nicole is over Daniel.  She spent months talking about Daniel and how she loved him so much.  She couldnít be with Dario because of Daniel.  She was obviously not telling the truth about that because she made love with Deimos.  She didnít want to be with Deimos when he practically begged him to be with her, but she changed her mind this week.  She allowed herself to get carried away with Deimos.  We donít know if thatís a good thing or not.  It would be a relief to stop hearing her mention Daniel all of the time when we know that the writers forced us to believe that they were truly in love.

Caroline had visions again
Maggie expected Caroline to have visions of Tateís kidnapping.  Victor wasnít okay with the idea and we donít blame him for feeling that way.  Caroline had a vision of Victor making a mysterious call to someone.  The vision made Victor look guilty of being involved with Tateís kidnapping.  Weíre not sure if the vision means that Victor is involved or not.  The vision makes him look guilty of something.  Heís most likely guilty of something so it wouldnít surprise us if heís involved in the kidnapping.



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Page updated 8/5/16

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