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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/25/16 - 7/29/16

Adriana needs to mind her business
Adriana is trying too hard to insert herself in Rafeís love life.  She still keeps trying to tell Rafe about leaving Hope alone.  Adriana seems to forget that Rafe is a grown man and can be friends with anyone he wants regardless of whether she likes it or not.  Rafe, Eduardo, and Gabi tried to tell Adriana that Hope is a good person, but she wonít listen.  Adriana insists that Blanca is the one for Rafe.  Rafe doesnít want Blanca, but she canít understand that.  Speaking of Blanca, Adriana wanted Rafe to be with someone who is Hispanic.  That was a strange conversation considering Gabi is dating a Caucasian man.  Her granddaughter is also half Caucasian so why did she say something like that?  What was with the double standard?  We donít think the writers should have had that line in this weekís episode.  Anyway, Adriana needs to mind her business and let Rafe live his life before she ends up losing him.

Deimos wanted to call a truce with Victor
Deimos decided to call a truce with Victor out of the blue.  Deimos approached Victor and wanted to end their battle this week.  Deimos expected Victor to believe that he wanted to end their war all of a sudden.  We werenít surprised that Victor didnít rush to agree to the truce.  Deimos took the extra step and blackmailed Dr. Hoffman to perform surgery on Maggie to help her walk again.  Heís going overboard trying to rove that he wants to make amends with Victor.  Do you think heís telling the truth?  If he is telling the truth, what was the point of bringing Deimos on the show?  We assumed that Deimos was brought on to be a villain.  If not, what was the point of casting him?  We hope he wasnít just brought on to be a love interest for Nicole.  If so, he can be written out of the show. 

Eduardo received a mysterious note
Are the writers finally deciding to do something with Eduardo?  He has been on the show for months and the writers basically havenít done much with him.  Heís dusted off occasionally whenever Rafe needs to talk to someone.  Heís a legend on soaps and heís treated like a newbie.  He was very popular as a lead actor on Santa Barbara.  The writers might be finally recognizing it.  Eduardo received a note that referred to him as a murderer.  Anyone could have slipped the note to him.  Hopefully the writers wonít start the story only for it to be a waste of time.  A Martinez is a capable of doing more than just listening to Rafeís problems with Hope and could make this story interesting.

Fynn and Kayla kissed
Fynn put another move on Kayla and kissed her.  Steve saw the kiss go down.  It was a true soap moment.  It has been a minute since weíve seen a moment like that.  Please donít judge us for enjoying that moment.  This was a slow week on the show so it was hard to find something to enjoy.  Steve ended up pouring his heart out to Kayla, but she wasnít moved by the gesture.  He was willing to give up his new partnership with John to be with a bartender, but she wasnít ready to be with him.  Steve will never be able to prove himself enough for Kayla.  We think that itís time for Steve to walk away from her.



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Page updated 7/29/16

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