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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/18/16 - 7/22/16

Maggie pushed Victor away
Maggie was upset about Summer possibly taking Tate.  It was understandable that she was upset because her daughter possibly committed a crime.  With that said, she should have understood that Victor was upset about the situation.  Maggie has known Victor for a long time so why was she surprised that Victor was upset too?  Tate is his great-grandson so he had a right to be upset.  She refused to accept that Victor was upset and blamed Theresa and Summer for what happened.  Maggie didnít want to hear Victor ranting and pushed him away.  Sheís not the only one upset, but she didnít want to hear what he had to say.  She pushed him away.  He must regret his decision to give the majority of his fortune away for her.

Victor was accused of the kidnapping
Speaking of Victor, Summer let it slip that he was involved in Tateís kidnapping.  Brady was shocked by that bombshell.  Itís possible that Victorís in on it.  He hates Theresa and wants Tate away from her.  It wouldnít surprise us at all if he did decide to have Tate kidnapped.  He could frame Summer and get revenge against Theresa at the same time.  Hopefully the writers will make this an interesting storyline.  We enjoy mysterious plots so we are hoping that the blackmailers identity will leave us speechless.

Rafe and Hope survived the explosion
Since Kristian Alfonso and Galen Gering are still on the show, we knew they would survive the explosion.  With that said, we werenít shocked that Hope would be the one to suffer the most.  She was supposed to be there to help Rafe, but that didnít happen.  Rafe had to save her as usual.  This could have been a chance for Hope to be a heroine instead of always being the damsel in distress.  She had to be the one saved once again.  Do the writers think we enjoy constantly seeing Hope as the victim?  The writers even dedicated Wednesdayís episode (July 20th) to Rafe not saving Hope.  The episode is proof that Hope must always be seen as a victim.  Rafe was hurt too, but he still has to help Hope because she had to conveniently get hurt worse than Rafe.  He may as well have been in the basement alone.

Andre set Aiden up
Andre had a plan ready to make Rafe and Hope pay for what they did to Stefano.  He set Rafe up to blow up in the explosion.  Hope showed up to help so they were both in there.  They deserved it because they framed Andre, but thatís a different story.  Andre let Aiden know that he made it look like he did it.  Andre set Aiden up good so he canít turn on him.  Andre was smart to do that because his hands are clean.  We will enjoy watching Andre blackmailing Aiden.




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Page updated 7/22/16

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