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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/16/16 - 5/20/16

We enjoyed Andre putting Aiden in his place when Aiden went to see him. Aiden must have forgotten that he chose to go to Andre in order to pay back his debt. Now all of a sudden Aiden thinks heís a saint. It doesnít matter if Aiden didnít try to kill Hope or that he wants Hope back. He still agreed to it.

It is amazing how JJ got sick from the virus, but no one else in Gabiís family got sick. Also, Arianna should have gotten worse since Gabi kissed all over her. If all it took for JJ to get sick was being around Gabi, Arianna should have gotten worse.

Kayla is a piece of work. She practically yelled at him like he was bothering her. She was more concerned with Joey than she was anything else. Steve needs to leave Kayla alone.

If Hope hated Aiden so much, why did she still have her wedding invitation for their wedding? You would think she would have gotten rid of that along with everything else.

It serves Dario right that Summer was willing to throw him under the bus if he didnít help her get rid of Clark. He acts as if he is high and mighty and judges Eduardo as if heís innocent.

The writers messed up by showing Boís age when Hope went to his grave. It said he was born in 1963. This would mean that Bo was only 52 when he died. If thatís true, how can he be Claireís grandfather? It is also impossible for Hope to be her grandmother. Bo and Hope are too young to be Claireís grandparents. Shawn should possibly be in his 20s or early 30s since he was aged which means heís too young to be Claireís father. The writers should have never aged Claire so much because it doesnít work. Did the writers think we wouldnít be able to do the math and figure out the mistake they made?

Who in the world was Belle to give Brady relationship advice?  She isnít exactly in the relationship. Her marriage is over and she was all but dumped by her booty call so she wasnít in a position to tell Brady that he needs to pay attention to Theresa.

Did Justin really think that Victor didnít want to get back at Deimos? Justin must not know Victor the way he thought if he thought Victor would sit back and let Deimos get away with what he did.

We have a feeling that Kate is working with Victor to get Deimos. She was a little too willing to marry Deimos out of the blue. Her reaction to having to sign a prenup made us think that she is possibly working with Victor.

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Page updated 5/20/16

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