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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/9/16 - 5/13/16

Do the writers all think we are all new viewers? When Aiden tried to kill Hope, there wasnít enough time for the imposter to take the real Aidenís place. We saw the scenes when it originally happened so we know there was no way an imposter took over. This was a stupid way to have Aiden come between Hope and Rafe.

When did this sudden flu become an epidemic? No one made reference to being sick before, but now all of a sudden everyone is sick with the fu.

When did Fynn become so obsessed with Kayla? We didnít realize they were so friendly with each other. Fynn seems like he is following Kayla around because he always shows up around her like a stalker.

We are so sick of Ciara and her drama. She told Claire that she wanted a bad boy because Theo didnít excite her. When did she become so exciting? She should be thankful that a nice boy is interested in her.

Did Aiden really think he would get Hope back? As far as Hope knows, he tried to kill her. Why would she want him back? He had to know that she wouldnít trust him even if she did take him back.

We re so sick of the writers going overboard trying to get us to feel sorry for Abby. The writers seem to forget that she put herself in the position sheís in now. All of this craziness might not have happened if she didnít cheat on Ben in the first place. Having her be crazy doesnít change the fact that she cheated.

When did Chad notice that Jennifer is hooked on her pills? No one noticed her drug habit (with the exception of a few people) before yet everyone throws it up in her face. If Chad noticed that Jennifer was an addict, why didnít he say anything about it before? We all know his self-centered wife didnít notice it because she was only worried about herself.

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Page updated 5/13/16

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