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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/2/16 - 5/6/16

When did Maggie change her mind about getting back at Deimos? She was ready to get back at him, but now she suddenly doesnít want Victor to get revenge. Was Victor supposed to let Deimos take his money and let him get away with it?

The writers continued their obvious love letter to Nicole. Deimos was so obsessed with her that he had to offer her a position at his company. We didnít realize she was so business savvy that she would be wanted so much to run a company.

Are we supposed to suddenly feel sorry for Theresa because Brady has a hero complex? She schemed to get Brady in her life and now that the writers expect the audience to sweep Theresaís past actions under the rug, we are suddenly supposed to sympathize with her. It may be us, but we are sick of her whining.

We were surprised that Summer told Brady the truth about being a con artist. We figured she would have lied to him about why she needed the money.

Ciara is such a spoiled little princess. She had the nerve to call Hope annoying and ignored her call as if Hope did something to her. Ciara was the one who got in trouble, but Hope was pretty understanding about it. We donít see Ciaraís issue with Hope. We know Ciara was raped and traumatized by it, but her actions arenít justified just because she was raped.

Once again the writers forgot that Ciara, Claire, and Joey are all related to practically everyone in Salem. They looked at Thomas if they arenít related to him. Ciara acted as if he were just a baby she was watching instead of her cousin. Claire called him cute as if sheís never seen him before. What happened to when the show was family oriented? Now they all act as if they arenít related.

We enjoyed seeing Steve go off on Kayla for not telling him that Joey was arrested. Steve has a right to know what was going on with his son, but St. Kayla knew she did the right thing by keeping him in the dark.

Brady is so gullible. He gave Summer money just because she wanted to pay back a mark. She could have lied to him, but he still have her the money. No wonder Theresa keeps whining about Bradyís hero complex.

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Page updated 5/6/16

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