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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/18/16 - 4/22/16

Hope had a lot of nerve getting mad at Andre. She was the one who framed him for murder. Was he supposed to sit back and let her get away with what she did? She should have known he was going to get revenge for what she did.

Philip doesnít know what he wanted. He wanted to make up with Victor one minute, but didnít know what to do the next. He may as well leave Victor alone.

Marlena recommended that Abby go to a hospital for her convenient post partum depression. How do we know if Abby really needs it? Marlena was upset with Jennifer for what happened with Eric so she could be taking it out on Abby.

Did Philip really think that Kate would care about what Deimos did to Victor? Kate only cares about herself so she wasnít going to care about what happened to him.

We are so sick of the writers shoving Nicoleís ďsaintlinessĒ down out throats. She was the only one who was able to make Maggie feel better about not walking while everyone else made her feel guilty. We got it. Nicole is a saint, writers. We donít need to be reminded of it.

Abby was willing to take Thomas and leave town so she didnít have to go to the hospital. She didnít care that she was taking Thomas away from Chad.

We never thought we would see the day when Victor had to ask Nicole for help. It should be interesting seeing them work together in order to get back at Deimos. Letís see how long Victor and Nicole can work together.

Brady was a hypocrite. He told Nicole that she shouldnít go after Deimos, but he was plotting with Justin to do the same thing. Apparently, itís okay for Brady and Justin to go after Deimos, but Nicole couldnít go after him.

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Page updated 4/22/16

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