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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/21/16 - 3/25/16

Roman must be on the take or something. He was willing to let Hope get away with killing Stefano and now he’s letting Joey get away with killing Ava. What is going on with Roman? He is supposed to uphold the law, but he keeps letting people get away with murder.

Lani must be desperate to be with somebody or she wouldn’t settle with being second best with Shawn. Shawn is clearly using Lani to get over Belle, but she still wants to be with him.

Speaking of second best, Philip must love being second best too since he lets Belle use him the way she does. If she didn’t argue with Shawn, she wouldn’t know Philip’s name.

Claire finally acknowledged Hope as being her grandmother. It’s about time Claire actually remembered that she is related to Hope and not just Ciara’s friend.

It was convenient how Yo Ling only needed Paul to help him. John has two other children Yo Ling could have used yet conveniently only needed to brainwash Paul. Guess it’s a good thing John found out that Paul is his son.

Dario has a lot of nerve judging Eduardo for what he did as if he isn’t conning and robbing people. Dario could end up in the same situation with his family when they find out what he did.

We are having trouble believing that Kayla would forgive Steve for cheating on her. Would she be willing to forgive him if he weren’t willing to go to prison for Joey?

It shouldn’t have surprised Maggie or Brady that Victor was suspicious of Summer. Summer doesn’t have any real proof that she’s Maggie’s daughter, but Maggie was quick to believe it.

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Page updated 3/25/16

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