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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/7/16 - 3/11/16

What is it going to take for Jenniferís children to notice that sheís hooked on her pills? If Jennifer didnít snap at Abby, she wouldnít have noticed anything. What does Jennifer have to do to get them to notice her?

Chad didnít want JJ to tell Abby about Ben. What was the sense of keeping Abby in the dark about Ben? What if Ben snuck up on her and attacked her? If she knew about Ben, she could keep her guard up.

Kate didnít waste any time being with Deimos. She must be over Eduardo. Eduardo was a better fit for her, but she chose Deimos. Sheís going to find out the hard way that heís using him.

Why was Abby so worried that Ben would find her at the mansion? Ben had no way of knowing that she and Thomas were living at the DiMera mansion she didnít need to leave in a hurry.

It was convenient how Marlena got kidnapped the one time she actually babysat Arianna. Whenever Arianna was with someone else, nothing happened to her.

If Joey was so upset about Steve going to prison, why didnít he confess to being the one who killed Ava? He doesnít feel that bad that Steve has to go to prison for him.

It is amazing how Belle treats Shawn like heís the bad guy just because he wanted a divorce. She was the one who cheated on him, yet sheís so nasty to him like he did something to her.

Claire wasted no time telling Joey that Chase raped Ciara. Ciara told her not to tell anyone. Itís something how Claire could tell Joey, but she couldnít tell Theo. Theo wanted to know what was going on with Ciara, but she couldnít tell him.

Philip needs to stop letting Belle use him. She didnít want Philip, but she always calls him when she wants to have sex or when sheís annoyed. He needs to get some pride.

What was the point of Ciara confronting Chase about raping her? Itís not as if it was going to make her feel better or change the fact that he raped her. While weíre on the subject, Ciaraís horrible acting ruined the scenes. The scenes would have been much better if her acting was better.


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Page updated 3/11/16

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