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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/22/16 - 2/26/16

It was good seeing Steve open up to Hope about Ava. It has been a long time since they have worked together that you could forget that they are supposed to be friends.

No offense to the actress, but Ciara isnít good enough to pull off a story of being raped. This story requires the actress to be a good one, and she isnít. The only thing this story is doing is proving that she isnít a good actress.

We canít wait to see Hopeís face when she finds out that Chase raped Ciara. Hope acts as if the sun rises and sets on Chase just because she feels guilty about Aiden being dead. Letís see if she sings the same tune when she finds out that he is a rapist.

We are having trouble believing  that Joey cares that Steve cheated on his mother. Joey knows heís only upset with Steve because he slept with Ava. He used his mother as an excuse to justify his anger.

How convenient is it that Daniel and Summer were brother and sister? Daniel never mentioned having a sister. Now all of a sudden he suddenly has a sister. Itís something how the writers gave him a story like this now that heís gone.

Theresa is so full of it when it concerns Tate. Brady and Theresa spend time with Tate when they are in Salem, but now that they are in LA, sheís so concerned that Brady needs to be there for Tate.

Kayla made it so easy for Ava to set her up for her attempted murder. If Kayla stayed away from Ava, that could have been avoided. It was as if Kayla wanted to be set up.

If Ciara was so distraught by what Chase did to her, why would she keep staying in the living room? You would think she would avoid the room as much as she could.

Steve should have let Joey go to prison for killing Ava. Joey is still going to hate Steve no matter what he does so Steve is wasting his time protecting him. We knew that Steve was going to protect Joey.

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Page updated 2/26/16

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