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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/15/16 - 2/19/16

Abby is very self involved. Her mother is clearly on something yet she didnít notice how Jennifer has been acting. All Abby cares about are Chad and Thomas in that order.

Ciara needs to make up her mind about how she feels about Chase. One minute she thinks heís a good guy and the next she thinks heís like his dad.

Why did Ciara expect Theo to feel sorry for Chase that he was missing? Did she forget the way Chase treated Theo when he sent the mean texts to him? Theo was right not to care that Chase was gone.

Chase was so gullible. He is making it so easy for Andre to manipulate him. Also, we are sick of Chase being so self-deprecating when it comes to his father.

Was anyone else disgusted with the fact that Hope used Boís death in order to trick Roman into thinking she was innocent? She has barely mentioned Bo, but when she lied to Roman about Andre coming after her, she used Boís death to get the blame off of her.

Steve should have told Kayla the truth about sleeping with Ava. It didnít do any good to only tell part of the truth when Ava could have blown him out of the water.

The writers were very good to keep Chase raping Ciara a secret. We didnít see the rape coming. As much as the writers spoil everything, we were surprised they kept that story a secret.

Did Hope and Rafe expect Andre to confess that he killed Stefano just because they set him up? They should have known he was going to throw them under the bus.

It doesnít say much for Jenniferís family that they donít notice that she is hooked on her pills yet Eric noticed while he was drunk. Her family is sober, but they donít see that sheís hooked on pills. Guess it gets in the way of them thinking about themselves.

Do Brady and Theresa even remember that they have a son? They always take off as if the boy doesnít exist. They only remember him when itís convenient.

Ava managed to get Steve good when she sent Kayla the video of her and Steve having sex. He should have known Ava was going to get back at him for leaving her.


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Page updated 2/19/16

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