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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/25/16 - 1/29/16

Why is Ciara trying to play matchmaker for Hope and Rafe? Bo just died, but Ciara wants Hope to be with Rafe. Did Ciara forget how much she wanted her parents together?

Abby was obsessed with buying a house with Chad. She doesnít care that her mother is going through pain because of the car accident. She was only concerned with getting a house. She is daughter of the year, isnít she?

Steve was the only one who noticed that Kayla is missing. Her family didnít even take the time to notice that she hasnít been in touch with them while she was gone.

Chad doesnít want anything to do with the DiMeras, but he has no problem spending the DiMera money. Chad isnít the independent person he thinks he is since he has no problem using the DiMera fortune to his advantage.

It was so random to see Hope and Eric talking to each other. Since they arenít related anymore, it was nice to see them talking to each other.

Thumbs up to the writers for having Joey call Steve to pick him up when he was drunk. It was great to see someone actually call someone to ask to be picked up instead of driving drunk. If Eric did the same thing, Daniel wouldnít be dead.

Why was Eric able to leave the hospital, but Brady was still in there? Eric was practically on deathís door too, but he was out of the hospital.

Brady must be a saint to be willing to forgive Eric for what he did to him. When Nicole was upset with Eric, Brady talked her out of hating Eric.

Belle proved once again that she doesnít care about Claire. Belle knew that Claire didnít want her to go to Las Vegas, yet when Belle came home, she didnít spend any time with her. She had to spend time with Philip.

The writers are going overboard trying to make Nicole seem so great. When Parker was crying, he couldnít tell Chloe what was wrong, but he told Nicole. Weíre surprised the writers didnít rewrite the story and make Parker Nicoleís son.



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Page updated 1/29/16

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