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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/18/16 - 1/22/16

It could just be us, but it was a little too easy for Hope to lie to Roman about killing Malcolm. We know that she and Rafe planned out what she was going to say, but she told Roman the story as if she covered up a death before.

Deimos (Victorís brother) claimed that he wasnít seeking revenge on Victor. We didnít believe him for a second. Deimos was obvious that he was after something. He wasnít going to come back to Salem for nothing.

How convenient was it that Justin didnít want to press charges against Hope? He was obsessed with pressing charges against Chad when he was accused of being a serial killer, but he lets Hope off the hook with no evidence. Guess it pays to be related to the D.A.

We didnít see it coming that Deimos and Philip knew each other. The writers managed to give us a twist that we didnít see coming.

Belle is quite a mother isnít she? She chose to go to Las Vegas with Philip instead of spending time with Claire. Considering Sami lost her son, you would think that Belle would want to spend as much time with Claire as she could.

We have a feeling that Brady and Nicole will get together. It would serve Theresa right if she lost him after what she did to get him.

We found it hard to believe that Abby was so concerned about Jennifer being in pain when Chad took her to the hospital. If Abby took the time to care about anybody other than Chad, she would have known that Jennifer was in pain.

It was only a matter of time before Andre was on to Hope and Rafe. They should have been more careful when they might have left something behind that would incriminate them. Did they really think they would get away with murder?

Ciara seemed too happy about Hope possibly falling for Rafe. Did she forget that her father just died? You would think that Ciara wouldnít want Hope to move on so fast from Bo.



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Page updated 1/22/16

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