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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/11/16 - 1/15/16

Wasnít that convenient that Hope forgot about what she did to Stefano?  She had the gun in her hand, but she wasnít sure what she did at first.  Rafe shouldnít have had to tell her what she did in order for her to remember.

Speaking of Hope and Stefano, itís hard to believe that a ruthless criminal like Stefano could be killed so easily.  We were surprised that Hope was able to get in t he mansion and shoot him so easily.  We expected Stefano to go in a different way.

We were not pleased with the way the writers made it seem as if Danielís death meant more than Boís death.  Bo was a very popular character and his death was treated like an after thought.  Victor even wanted a wing at the hospital to be dedicated to Daniel.  Did Victor forget that he just lost his son?  He didnít think about dedicating something to his son.  He was only worried about Daniel.

We were cheering Victor on when he yelled at Theresa and blamed her for what happened to Brady and Daniel.  We may be alone, but we are sick of everyone acting as if the sun rises and sets on Theresa.  Someone should remember that Theresa is a monster.  Theresa hasnít changed just because the writing team decided to redeem her out of the blue.

Marlena is a selfish person.  She was mainly worried about Ericís well being.  She didnít really care if Johnís son died as long as her son was okay.  She never would have said that out loud, but her actions proved that she cared more about Eric.  Eric and Brady were 

able too recover so Marlena suddenly cares about Brady.  John should have been upset with her for the way she was acting before Eric got better.

It seems as if it is a little too easy for Hope and Rafe to cover up Stefanoís murder.  Rafe covered up a murder before when he helped Gabi, but Hope hasnít done it before.  It will only be a matter of time before they are both caught and kicked off the force for good.


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Page updated 1/15/16

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