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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/7/15 - 12/11/15

Wasnít it convenient that Abby passed out from the smoke in the cabin, but Chad didnít?  They were both in the fire for the same amount of time so they both should have passed out.

Ben really proved his craziness this week.  He lit the bed so Chad and Abby would die in a fire.  He left the cabin without taking Thomas to the hospital.  Thomas still hadnít been checked out since he was born.  Ben also left the baby alone in a motel room.  Ben has really snapped since he found out about Abbyís affair.

It seems like Hope is the only one (besides Ciara) who cared that Bo died.  Everyone moved on with their lives as if he didnít matter to them anymore.  Bo was linked to a lot of people in Salem so his death should have meant more to them than it did.

We know weíre supposed to feel sorry for Abby, but we donít care that Ben took her baby from her.  Abby shouldnít have cheated with Chad.  She also shouldnít have called Jennifer.  She should have went to her and talked about Ben.

Dr. Malcolm was a snake because he hurt Bo, but he had Hopeís number this week.  He reminded her how she moved on with her life when she married Aiden.  She has become obsessed with avenging Boís death, but she did move on with her life before he died.

Hope should consider getting a new job since she managed to get choked out twice in the same week (Salem time).  She needs to learn some self-defense so she could learn how to defend herself.

Joey questioned Avaís intentions for wanting Steve and Kayla back together.  He should have questioned her intentions before he started helping her.  Itís too late for him to worry about why Ava wanted to push his parents together.

Steve and Kayla made love this week.  This was a moment that Steve and Kaylaís fans waited years to see.  Itís a shame that it happened off screen.  It didnít look romantic at 

all.  It was also rushed.  The writers should have let Steve and Kaylaís story build more before they had them jump in the bed.

Philip came back this week.  We already donít care for the actor playing the part.  We know we have to give him a chance, but he isnít doing a good job so far.  Speaking of Philip, did he forget that he lost a nephew in addition to his brother?  He only offered condolences for losing Bo, but not for Will.



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Page updated 12/14/15

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