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Fan Opinions!

Comments & Opinions by Marlene

Week of 12/14/15

Another week of excitement, romance, and suspense for Days of Our Lives. The week started with Abby and Chad finally having some serenity with each other just for a very short time until André and Stefano ruined it. To regain the fortune that Sami took and gave to Belle to keep, André and Stefano decided to brainwash Chad and put him through the pressure cooker. Actually, we see very nice pictures of what Chad sees before he was brainwashed. Anyway, it worked and Chad suddenly becomes interested in Belle. Again Chad and Abby cannot be happy for a very long time. I think viewers do not want this, and it actually makes for a comical situation for Days. Well, women: "See what happens when you leave your man even for a minute." But then again most women would want to put their man through a machine like that and change his brain around.

The next most important feature for the week was Hope. Did she kill Malcolm or didn't she?  Her new romantic detective Rafe is going to investigate. I would not be surprised if Bo was the one who killed Malcolm. Although I do not know how they are going to show that scenario. It's about time that a ghost gets revenge on the show. It is nice that Kyla and Steve got back together again, the only one romantic story on the show except for Brady and Theresa, but what does Ava want? Theresa and Brady hook up, but Theresa still has inner intentions that are not known to her yet. It seems like she wants to use Brady for Basic Black and for herself.  We will just have to wait and see. What is the secret between John and Eduardo? It looks like they were both trained to be assassins when they were much younger and went to the same academy together. The only thing I can say is that they have something in common. I hope they do not kill each other.  

Sami seemed to disappear from the show pretty quickly. Actually, nobody can even locate her or the kids. I guess she is finished with Hollywood. Chase has a new love in Ciara, but it seems like he took on some of his father's favorite traits. He is a bully and is bullying Theo. It will be pretty interesting to see where that leads.

That is about the highlights for the week for Days. Hope you enjoyed my comments. Thanks!

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Page updated 12/19/15

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