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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/30/15 - 12/4/15

Why didnít Hope put so much energy in searching for Bo when he was kidnapped?  It would have made more sense for her to look for Bo than to fall for Aiden.  We know she had to move on with her life without Bo, but she didnít have to move on with him.

Brady was so dirty this week.  He tried to use Boís memory to get Victor to let Theresa stay in his house.  Brady knows that Victor is hurting, but he doesnít care.  He was only worried about Theresa.  Brady clearly doesnít care that Bo died.

Can you believe Kayla asked Steve if he carried his harmonica everywhere?  How many years has she known him?  Kayla should know that Steve carried his harmonica everywhere so she didnít need to ask him that stupid question.

We loved how Anne blew Theresa off when she wanted a place to stay.  Theresa continued to treat Anne like she was a pest when she thought she had everything.  Victor threw Theresa out so she went running to Anne and expected her to be okay with letting her move in her apartment.

Itís hard to believe that Sami was able to take Stefanoís money so easily.  You would think that it would have been much harder for Sami to take the money than that.

We were completely disappointed by Boís funeral.  The funeral was the last chance for Boís fans to say goodbye and it was downplayed.  Everyone didnít show up for the funeral.  There werenít any speeches or flashbacks shown at the funeral.  We were hoping to see flashbacks of Bo because there were flashbacks for Willís funeral.  Bo played an important role on the show and should have had a better send off.

Chad was beyond stupid to go after Ben without any help.  Did Chad forget that Ben put him in a coma with his bare hands? What made Chad think it couldnít happen again?



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Page updated 12/7/15

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