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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/2/15 - 11/6/15

We were shocked when JJ compared his loss to Lucas'.  Lucas lost a child.  JJ didn't lose his child or wife.  Paige was his ex-girlfriend.  JJ could get another girlfriend, but Lucas may not have another son.  We wanted to slap JJ through the screen when he compared his loss to Lucas' loss.

Why would Bo call Caroline to tell her that he's alive?  He would have been better off calling Victor or anyone else who wasn't having memory problems.  No one was going to believe what Caroline said because she was dealing with memory problems.

Abby was stupid to tell Jennifer about Ben while she was still home.  She should have told her when she was at the Martin house.  If she did, Ben wouldn't have heard what she said.  She also wouldn't have been alone with him.

Bo's family has no loyalty towards him.  Kayla and Roman practically forced Hope to get married to Aiden.  They knew that Caroline told them that Bo was coming home, but they insisted that Hope get married.  Are they secretly working with Andre to have her killed?  That would explain why they were pushing Hope to get married.

The writers messed up by having Bo and Hope reunite in his fantasy.  Bo and Hope fans have been waiting a long time for their reunion so the fantasies weren't necessary.  The fantasies of Bo and Hope together before he got home ruined the moment.  It would have been better if their scenes happened when they first saw each other in person and not in fantasies.

We weren't surprised that Lani turned out to be Abe's daughter.  Why did Lani have to be so secretive about being his daughter?  She could have told Abe that she was his daughter.  There is a reason why Abe doesn't want Theo to know about Lani yet.

Bo and Steve finally made it back home to Salem.  It's too bad they didn't make it back in time to stop Hope and Aiden's wedding.  It would have been so romantic to see him stop the wedding the way he stopped her wedding years ago.  We didn't see it the first time so it would have been nice to see it this time.

Hope suddenly called out Bo's name now that she is married to Aiden.  It is too late for her to think of Bo now that she's married.  She should have thought about him like that before she got married.  It's convenient that she suddenly thought of him once her life was in danger.

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Page updated 11/7/15

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