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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/12/15 - 10/16/15

You would think that Kayla would have been more interested in Steveís search for her brother.  For some reason, she couldnít care less about her brother.  Steve shouldnít care more than Kayla does about finding out about Bo.

Caroline had to tell Kayla that she had to be more fair to Steve.  Kayla refused to bend on the issue.  Caroline was right to tell her about her attitude.  We were cheering her on while she put Kayla in her place.

Our hearts broke when Willís family found out about his death.  We tried to fight off the tears, but it didnít work.  We cried anyway.  We didnít care for Will too much anymore, but it was sad to watch his family react to his death.

Why would Chad confront Ben about being the necktie killer?  He should have taken one of DiMeraís henchmen with him to talk to Ben.  Ben is a killer so why would Chad take the risk of going alone?

Lucas lost a child, but everyone seemed to comfort Sami.  It would have been nice to see the people at the station comfort Lucas too.  He was the one crying at the time, but no one was there to comfort him.

Ben must have soundproof walls since no one seems to hear anything in his apartment.  Ben was able to attack two people in his apartment without anyone hearing him do anything.

Abby is really slow.  She took her time getting inside her apartment this week (Thursdayís episode).  She never uses her key to open the door, but she conveniently had trouble opening the door to her apartment when Ben was beating up on Chad.

Kate was told about Will off screen.  The writers missed an opportunity to have Sami and Lucas bond with Kate.  She was just shown sitting on a park bench crying.  She is Willís grandmother too and should have been shown at the police station just like Marlena.


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Page updated 10/16/15

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