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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/5/15 - 10/9/15

Isnít it convenient how everyone is suddenly talking to Hope about Bo?  They were accepting of Hope being with Aiden, but now they are talking about him.

Victor revealed that Bo was the one who found out about the drug.  It was a surprise that Bo was the one who discovered the drug.  Bo must have been the only one thinking of a way to help his mother.

The new writers must enjoy Theresa and Brady together.  They keep ending up together now.  Brady obviously forgot what Theresa did to him as well as what she did to Melanie.

Caroline could have died, but no one thought to call Kimberly.  Didnít she have a right to know whatís going on with her mother?  Kimberly showed up for a couple of days to see Theresa so she would have come back to see Caroline.

Hope told Aiden that she was glad to see him and that she didnít have to deal with Caroline alone.  Did we miss something on the show?  When did Carolineís problem become Hopeís moment?  We know she loves Caroline, but the audience should be seeing Kayla and Roman dealing with their emotions because of what happened to Caroline.  We didnít need to see Hopeís reaction to Carolineís health.

JJ must have forgotten that Clyde threatened his family if he turned him in to the police.  What made him think he could do that and nothing would happen to them?  Did he forget that Abby is marrying Ben and has easy access to her as well as her baby?

It was nice to see Carolineís flashes.  We werenít watching at the time she was with Victor so that was good to see.  Victor went to a lot of trouble for Caroline so it would have been nice if the flashbacks she had made her fall in love with him again.  We would also like to see him fall for her.

What took Abby so long to get home?  Any other time people take less than five minutes to get home regardless of where they live, but Abby took forever.  Ben and Will managed to talk for a while.  Ben also managed to strangle Will before she got home.

Ben should be able to get caught.  Ben didnít wear gloves when he killed Will. He didnít use gloves when he put him in the sack either.  You would think that Rafe as well as the rest of the cops would be able to solve the crime.


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Page updated 10/11/15

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