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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/31/15 - 9/4/15

Did anyone else find it hard to believe that Nicole felt bad for Serena? We know that she didn’t get along with Serena, but she’s suddenly upset that she’s dead.  Serena’s death was an excuse for Nicole to make it her moment.

Theresa must be out of her mind if she thinks Brady would suddenly want to be with her just because she was “attacked”.  He didn’t change his opinion of her just because he saved her.

We enjoyed seeing the flashbacks of John and Marlena.  It was nice to see the scenes.  Hopefully we will see more flashbacks of them together.  It will help new fans root for them to get back together just like their other fans.

Clyde’s behavior couldn’t have been better timed.  He’s being written out of the show so now he’s suddenly showing an evil side to him.  He was never rough with Kate the way he was this week. He is either going to die or be the killer in the upcoming storyline.

Is Marlena trying to make it harder for John to reunite with her?  She brought up how she was going to lose him if he’s back with the ISA.  She could have lost him while he was a cop.  Cops risk their lives every day so he could have been hurt or killed while he was on duty.

It’s hard to accept, but it’s possible that Bo and Hope’s connection isn’t strong the way we thought.  Steve and Caroline thought Bo was in danger, but Hope was sure that he abandoned her.  If Hope knew Bo, she would know that Bo could be in trouble.  She has been with Aiden so long that she forgot about her connection to Bo.

What was with Rafe’s change of heart?  He was convinced that Chad was guilty at the beginning of the week, but he defended him to Justin at the end of the week.  When did Rafe decide that Chad was innocent?  Rafe practically gloated that Chad was guilty, but now that Justin wants him arrest, he believes he didn’t have a motive to kill Serena.



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Page updated 9/5/15

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