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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/10/15 - 8/14/15

Maggie gave Nicole her blessing
We were ready to throw up listening to Maggie give Nicole her blessing to marry Daniel.  Maggie is one more to jump on the kiss Nicoleís feet bandwagon.  We really donít get the appeal of Nicole.  She hasnít been redeemed enough in our opinion, but they are acting as if she is the pillar of the community.  We donít want to hear Maggie sucking up to her too.

Abby told Jennifer and JJ about the engagement and baby
Abby dropped two bombs on her family.  She told them that she was engaged and that she was pregnant.  She wasnít sure how they would react to her news.  It explains why she wasnít completely forthcoming with them.  She didnít tell them that she was with Chad too.  Abby was upset and tried to rip Jennifer a new one for keeping JJís secret from her, but she did the same thing.  Abby can keep her secret, but everyone else has to tell her the truth.

Brady found out about Theresaís lie
We were shocked that Brady found out the truth about Theresa this week.  We expected this secret to drag out for months, but it was revealed this week.  This news made us cheer at the screen until he issued out her punishment.  He told her that she could stay at the mansion.  What was he thinking?  He handed her exactly what she wanted.  She will never leave the mansion now that heís letting her stay.

Paul realized what Will did
Paul talked to Derrick and realized that Will gave him details about his life.  Paul was thinking unlike his brother (Brady) who didnít use his brain at all.  Paul can make sure that Will loses Sonny with this new information.


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Page updated 8/14/15

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