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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/27/15 - 7/31/15

The writers changed Abby’s pregnancy
Is there a reason why Abby’s pregnancy was sped up?  Abby just found out that she was pregnant about two weeks ago and now she’s eight weeks along.  Kayla just told her that she couldn’t give her a paternity test because she wasn’t far enough along, but now she can do the test?  What’s the point of that?  Are the writers telling us that Ben is the father of Abby’s baby?  She wasn’t with Chad two months ago so Ben would have to be the father.  The rest of the time in Salem didn’t sped up so why was Abby’s pregnancy?  We already know Chad’s the father so what was the point?  Have the writers lost so much interest in the story that they aren’t paying attention to the details?

Serena told Daniel about Eric and Nicole
Serena overheard Eric’s private confession to a priest that he almost made love to Nicole.  Eric also admitted that he loved Nicole.  Serena was fuming when she heard this secret.  She was seeing red (and we’re not talking about her hair) and did something about it.  She went to Daniel and told him that Eric and Nicole made love.  Daniel didn’t believe her so she played the recording device.  She didn’t tell the entire truth, but Daniel knows what happened between Eric and Nicole.

Theresa’s plan backfired
Theresa’s plan to get the nanny she wanted blew up in her face.  Brady hired another person to take care of Tate.  Theresa deserved for her plan not to work.  She had the nerve to get upset when Tate bonded with the new nanny.  She should be thankful that her baby is in good hands.  The nanny could have been a molester or an abuser.  Theresa shouldn’t be intimidated because she’s an older woman so Brady won’t be attracted to her.

Nicole told Daniel the truth
We couldn’t be more surprised that she finally admitted what happened with Eric.  Needless to say, she didn’t volunteer the information to Daniel before Serena did, but she told him.  She could have let Daniel think that nothing happened, but she actually stepped
up and told the truth.  The writers really want to redeem Nicole by having her tell the truth.  It will take more than that to completely redeem her, but it was a surprise that she told the truth.

Will schemed again
Will schemed again this week.  He’s secretly working with Derrick to keep Paul away from Sonny.  Will needs to leave things alone.  He is determined to cause problems in his marriage.  Sonny hasn’t expressed any interest in being with Paul, but Will refuses to understand that.  Will’s going to deserve it if Sonny leaves him for good.


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Page updated 7/31/15

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