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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/20/15 - 7/24/15

This week was decent too.  There were some dull spots of course, but the wee was decent.  If these writers had written like they have for the last couple of weeks, maybe they wouldnít have been replaced.

Kate actually showed a decent side this week.  She noticed that Justin was upset and he told her about getting a divorce.  Kate had the opportunity to kick him while he was down, but she didnít.  She actually advised him to fight for his marriage.  It was nice to see this side of Kate because we donít see it too often.  It wonít last so weíll just enjoy it while it lasts.

Kate wasnít the only one helping someone out.  Will actually helped Abby.  Abby wanted to leave town if her baby turned out to be Chadís.  Will let her know that Chad already lost out on raising a child and shouldnít have to do it again.  Will made an excellent point and she couldnít argue with him.  Willís advice to Abby reminded us of the way he used be before he was butchered.  Is Abbyís story going to be how the writers are going to redeem him?  We know they have to do a lot to fix his character after what he has done.

Speaking of Abby, Clyde found out that Abby was pregnant.  Clyde searched and found out that sheís pregnant.  We already know where this story is headed.  Clyde will make sure to switch the paternity test results.  He will deserve it if he switches the results and Ben was the father of Abbyís baby.

There was a dull spot this week.  It happened when Daniel proposed to Nicole.  We donít care for the couple so we donít care if they get engaged.  Daniel was in love with Jennifer this time last year and now he wants to marry Nicole.  The timing of this proposal couldnít be worse now that Nicole has kissed Eric.  Eric or Nicole will tell it somehow so the engagement wonít turn into a wedding day.  We can always hope that it doesnít happen because we donít like them together.

We definitely had to scratch our heads this week when Kayla apologized to Hope and Aiden for not being supportive of them.  Did we miss something?  When did Kayla voice her disapproval of Hope and Aidenís relationship?  She didnít like it when Hope first started dating Aiden, but she hasnít had a problem with it since that time.  She practically blamed Bo for why Hope moved on with Aiden.  We know Kayla doesnít get that much airtime, but was she apologizing for when she first found out about them?  Itís hard to believe that Kayla didnít see Hope any sooner to apologize to her before this week.


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Page updated 7/24/15

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