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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/29/15 - 7/3/15

This week could have been a complete nightmare if it stayed focused on Eric/Nicole/Daniel.  We didn't care to see the aftermath of the rescue of Eric and Nicole.  Watching St. Daniel be so sugary sweet to Nicole was enough to make us reach for the garbage can or the remote control.  Luckily, the other stories were focused on too.

Sonny and Will's confrontation

Sonny and Will's confrontation was a surprise.  Sonny confronted Will about writing an article about their therapist and that's when the stuff hit the fan.  They talked about Will sleeping with Paul.  Will practically accused Sonny of being wrong for not telling him about Paul.  During their blowout, Sonny threw up in Will's face that he didn't want to come home from California.  Sonny also came up with another shocking theory.  Sonny assumed that Will had an affair in California.  Will admitted that it happened once.  Sonny was surprisingly understanding about the affair.  We expected Sonny to be more upset than he was since Will kept another shocking secret from him.

Ben let Chad know about his plans with Abby

Ben didn't hesitate to take a shot at Chad this week.  Chad saw Ben and Abby together so Ben took the opportunity to let him know that Abby was moving in with him.  Ben sounded so pathetic telling Chad that information.  We were surprised that Chad was able to keep it to himself that he had sex with Abby.  Abby's face would have been crunched if Chad did tell what happened.  It was another moment that the writers used to make Ben the villain while Chad was the hero for keeping the affair a secret.  

What's the point of Eve's plan

Eve stole Laura's file because she seems to think that she could get Paige back in her life.  We are confused as to how this plan is supposed to work.  Whatever Eve plans to do to Jennifer isn't going to make Paige forgive her any faster.  Eve's wasting her time doing whatever she plans to do to Jennifer.

Nicole kept something from Daniel again

Nicole chose to keep the truth from Daniel again.  Eric was no different from Nicole because she kept Daniel in the dark too.  Nicole claims to love Daniel so much yet she has no problem constantly lying to him.  She had the opportunity to tell Daniel that she and Eric kissed each other when they thought they were going to die, but she chose to lie again.  Eric was willing to go along with the lie even though he kept wanting to talk to her about it.  How long do you think it will take for Daniel to realize what's going on between them?  If you are like us, you probably don't care either.



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Page updated 7/5/15

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