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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

We didnít realize that Chad and Kristen were so close.  Chad didnít care that much about Kristen when she was alive yet he is so busted up over her death.

We loved the look on Kateís face when she found out Lucas was her competition.  Did she really think he wasnít going to get her back for what she did to him?  Of course he was going to find a way to get back at her.

The writers are going overboard trying to make Melanie look like the good one while butchering Theresa.  Theresa couldnít be grateful that Melanie helped her.  Theresa had to be plotting against Melanie.  We know the writers love Melanie so much, but they donít have to go overboard butchering Theresa.

Brady told Paul that Sonny and Will were good friends of his.  The last time we checked, Will and Sonny were more than his good friends.  They are related to him.

Why did Abby need to know about Kristenís death?  Abby and Kristen werenít exactly best friends so Abby didnít need to know about the death.  It was just an excuse for Abby to be with Chad.

Abby needs to decide on which guy she wants.  She keeps going back and forth between guys as if sheís all that.  It would serve her right if she lost both of them.

Sonny is showing that he is no different from Will.  Sonny kept Will in the dark about Paul being back in Salem.  Since Will blames Sonny and Paul for everything, he will most likely use that as an excuse to justify his affair. 

Chad said he didnít have any family left besides Stefano.  Did he forget about Theo, Johnny, and Sydney?  They are his family too.

Did Marlena really think Stefano wasnít going to get revenge on her for killing Kristen?  Marlena knows how much Stefano cares about family (when they arenít on his bad side) so she should have known he was going to want to do something to her for killing Kristen.

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Page updated 5/15/15

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