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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/4/15 - 5/8/15

The writers must really want us to root for Daniel and Nicole to be together.  They even have Eric giving Daniel his blessing so he and Nicole could be together.  We remember when the writers tried to shove Daniel and Jennifer together.  Now we have to go through this again with Daniel and Nicole.

Will must think he is big and bad that he could write about anyone and no one will touch him.  We hope Clyde proves him wrong and destroys him.  We don’t care for Clyde, but we want to see him go after Will.

We enjoyed seeing Chad yell at Abby.  Abby just knew Chad was supposed to fall at her feet begging her to take him back.  It was nice seeing her fall off of her high horse.

The writers are missing the mark with Hope and Rafe.  They have a lot of chemistry with each other.  She has way more chemistry with Rafe than she does with Aiden.  If Hope can’t be with Bo, we can live with her being with Rafe.

What made Will think that Aiden would give him any information on Clyde?  Will should have known that Clyde’s lawyer wasn’t going to give any information on his client.  We know Will thinks he’s the man now, but people can have a limit with him.

Nicole needs to mind her own business.  She was willing to end things with Daniel in order to trick Xander.  She also wanted to find out what was going on with Xander and Serena.  Nicole should be done with Daniel.

Lucas had some nerve getting smart with Justin after Justin busted him with Adrienne.  Lucas wasn’t in a position to be getting smart with Justin after what he did.  We loved how Justin rubbed his nose in the fact that Lucas was with Adrienne.

Why was it Jennifer’s business if Eve was in love with JJ?  There is nothing Jennifer could do if Eve had feelings for JJ so it shouldn’t be Jennifer’s concern.  Jennifer needs to get a life so she doesn’t have to be caught up in JJ’s life. 

Nicole doesn’t know who she wants.  If she’s in love with Daniel, why does she keep playing games with Xander?  She loves having two men after her.

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Page updated 5/8/15

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