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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/27/15 - 5/1/15

We didnít realize it was Abbyís business that Kate was working at Mad World.  Abby barely talks to Lucas so why did she care if he were out of a job or not?

Melanie isnít as smart as she thinks she is.  She let Dr. Mandrake know that she was on to him and what he did with Clint.  All she did was give him a reason to get rid of her.

Brady was so smug to think that his kiss was going to convince Kristen to raise the baby with him.  Did he really think that his lips were so powerful that she would change her mind about him?  It served him right that it didnít work.

We loved the showdown between Kate and Adrienne.  They did a wonderful job with their material.  They hit each other below the belt with their catty remarks and it was great.

Will is so arrogant to think that Clyde was going to let him get away with writing an article about him.  Will must think he is really tough just because heís Samiís son.

Abby must think Chad is stupid not to realize that she has feelings for him.  She didnít need to be around Chad the way she was.  She knows she enjoys having two guys in love with her.

We were cheering Clint on when he said that Melanie was a pain in the a--.  He was so right about her because she is one.  She was being so annoying that we wanted to see Clint kill Melanie.

We enjoyed the flashbacks of Marlena and Kristen.  Itís been a while since we have seen them so it was a nice surprise.

Nicole must be a masochist or else she would give up on Daniel.  How many times do we have to deal with seeing them make up only to argue again?  Itís very annoying.

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Page updated 5/1/15

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