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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/6/15 - 4/10/15

Maybe itís just us, but we donít understand why Jennifer didnít want Daniel to know about JJís affair. She didnít care if Daniel talked to JJ, but she was determined to keep Daniel in the dark about JJ.

We were surprised that Daniel remembered that he cheated with Chloe while she was with Lucas.  We thought he forgot about that since he thinks heís a saint.  Itís something how he remembered it once he wanted Jennifer to do what he wanted.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Eve that she is being tortured with the jacket JJ wore when she slept with him?  She is the one who slept with her daughterís boyfriend and we are supposed to feel sorry for her?  We donít think so.

When did Daniel become the pillar of honesty?  We remember that he has kept secrets from people in the past.  Now that Jennifer wants him to keep a secret, he suddenly canít do it.  He wants her to tell the truth.

Considering what Daniel has done to people, was he really in a position to call Eve out for sleeping with JJ?  He isnít exactly a saint to be judging anybody else.

The writers managed to pull a fast one with Xander.  We had no idea he was related to Victor.  The writers did a good job keeping that story under wraps.

Marlena had a lot of nerve criticizing Will for cheating on Sonny.  She must have forgotten that she was a cheater too.  She wouldnít be with John if she werenít a cheater so she should understand what Will did.  

John is a hypocrite too.  He is being so hard on Paul for what he did with Will as if he werenít in Paulís position once.  We remember when John ruined Marlena and Romanís marriage so he was no different from Paul.

Will had the nerve to say that Paul seduced him.  Paul didnít seduce him.  Will was willing to participant.  Will was more than willing to hop in bed with Paul.  There was no seduction needed.

Lucas is okay with Adrienne cheating on Justin.  He even thought it was okay.  Did he think that way when he was cheated on?  Weíre pretty sure he didnít feel too great when he was in that position.

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Page updated 4/10/15

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