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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/26/15 - 1/30/15

We didnít realize that Serena was an expert on Nicole.  Serena judged Nicole for the way she is as if she knows her.  Serena barely knows Nicole.  We are not fans of Nicole, but Serena isnít in a position to judge anybody.

Do the writers want us to love Daniel or what?  They even went so far as to have Jennifer tell Eric that Daniel is a good friend and his friendship means everything.  We get it.  Daniel is a saint among men.

When did Rafe and Ben become bosom buddies? Rafe and Ben couldnít stand each other at one point, but now Rafe is calling him a good kid.  He probably wasnít a good kid when he was ready to beat Rafe up when he cheated on Jordan.

Why was Eric so hard on Nicole? We know Nicole messed up royally by keeping the truth from him, but he was willing to forgive Kristen and Daniel for what they did, but not Nicole.  Itís hard to believe that Eric was once a priest.

Speaking of Eric, Daniel has no loyalty to Eric.  Daniel acted as if Eric wasnít with Nicole first.  Daniel knows what Nicole did to Eric yet Daniel was willing to cut Eric out of his life just because he wanted Nicole to pay for what she did.

We were surprised that Will told Kate that he cheated on Sonny.  We figured that he would have told Marlena before he told Kate.  Kate was surprisingly understanding about it.  She was supportive of him and gave him advice.

As usual, Nicole showed that she can never change.  She stole Serenaís files to get the dirt on her.  Nicole was the one who made a big deal about changing her ways yet she didnít.  We knew she wasnít going to change no matter what she said.

Itís too bad Will doesnít know that Sonny was the love of Paulís life.  Would Will be so quick to tell Paul to fight for the love of his life?

We wonder why Stefano wants revenge against Abby.  We donít mind him getting revenge on her.  We just wonder why he wants Chad to go through with his plan to seduce her.

Nicole must be slipping.  She really thought that Serena would have allowed any incriminating evidence against her to be shown so Eric could see it?  Nicole should have known better than that.


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Page updated 1/30/15

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