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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/19/15 - 1/23/15

Will should understand why Paul didnít want to come out of the closet.  When will was ready to come out, he was hesitant too so why pressure Paul to do it?  Paul was right.  Will was just after a story.  Itís not as if Will would leave Sonny to be with him so why else would it matter if Paul came out?

Most likely Clyde was pulling Jordanís leg when he apologized to her, but her attitude about it was irritating.  She could have pretended to accept his apology just to play along. Instead, she chose to be smug about it.

When did Ben and Rafe become best buds?  You would think that Ben wouldnít have gone to Rafeís club after what happened between Rafe and Jordan.  Also, why would Ben go to a club that is taking business away from his job?

Paul was right to question why will was with him if he was so happy with Sonny.  Obviously Sonny means nothing to him or else he wouldnít have been with Paul.

What is with Eric?  Eric is so hard on Nicole for what she did.  He has forgiven people for worse, but he wonít forgive her.  He is beyond stubborn when it comes to Nicole.

Who was Chad to judge Ben and the lies heís told?  Chad isnít exactly an honest person so he is no one to judge anybody.

Will actually stopped himself from having sex with Paul.  He still kissed Paul, but he stopped himself from having sex with him.  We wonder what Will would have done if Paul blackmailed him to have sex.  We have a feeling he would have slept with him.

Will wasted no time throwing it up in Sonnyís face that they were broke.  Will will most likely use that as an excuse for why he was with Paul.  We donít remember Sonny rubbing it in Willís face that Will didnít have money.

Paulís mother refused to come to Salem. She acts as if she was scared to go to Salem.  We wonder what was keeping her from visiting her son.

Jennifer wanted Daniel to talk to JJ about what is going on with him.  We remember when she didnít want him to be anywhere near JJ. Now she wants him to talk to him.

Jordan wasted no time kissing Rafe.  We donít blame her for kissing Rafe because heís hot.  The problem is she made a big deal about wanting Chad.  Guess she was wrong.

Jordan was upset that Rafe kissed her.  She didnít resist the kiss until after Chad saw it.  It was too late for her to not want to do it once she was caught.


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Page updated 1/23/15

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