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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/12/15 - 1/16/15

How did Clyde know that Rafe wasnít on the force anymore?  Was the information put in the Salem Spectator?  Itís doubtful someone on the force told Clyde about it.

We really couldnít care less what Serenaís secret is.  Serena is too new for us to care that she has this alleged secret.  It will most likely end up being a letdown so we are not interested in her secret.

Hope admitted to loving Aiden.  She wasted no time falling in love with him.  Then she had the gall to say she trusts him completely.  We are looking forward to the day when she finds out that Aiden isnít trustworthy.  We want to see how stupid she will feel when she realizes how wrong she was about him.

Clyde must not have done his homework on Victor.  Clyde should know that Victor isnít someone to take lightly.  Itís a safe bet that Victor will throw Clyde to the wolves.  Actually, we wouldnít mind seeing that since Clyde is irritating and annoying.

JJ isnít playing with a full deck.  He has the upper hand with Eve yet he lets her talk to him any way she feels like talking to him.  Since he has already lost Paige, he could tell her the truth.  He has no reason to protect Eve.  Who cares if Paige hates her?  Eve wasnít worried about Paige hating him so he shouldnít care if Paige hates her.

Eve was tempted to tell Jennifer that she slept with JJ.  If Eve was going to tell it, what was the point of her expecting JJ to be quiet?  He could have told Paige the truth.

Abe offered John Rafeís old job.  It would be strange to see John as a cop again.  Itís been a long time since heís been a cop.  It would be interesting seeing him on the force again.

Paige is so pathetic.  She practically begged JJ to tell her who he slept with while she was gone.  He practically kicked her in the gut, but she still wouldnít let it drop.  She came off so desperate.  She would have been better off letting him go.

Eve should feel like dirt knowing that sheís the reason why Paige lost JJ.  If Eve cares about Paige the way she claims, why does she hurt her the way she does?  What kind of a mother is she?

The writers dropped the ball on Jordanís story.  When it was revealed, it turned out to be a letdown.  All it was was her killing her mother and the baby.  That could have been revealed when her character was first introduced. We had to endure this secret only for it to be nothing.

Why was Lucas considered an after thought when it concerned babysitting Arianna?  Lucas is Ariannaís grandfather so he should have been the first one considered.  Sonny acts as if Arianna is his daughter and not Willís daughter.

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Page updated 1/16/15

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