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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/5/15 - 1/9/15

Paul is so obvious.  He most likely doesnít like Will.  He is clearly using Will to get to Sonny.  Itís too bad Will doesnít know what the audience already knows.  We would be interested in seeing if Will would still fall for Paulís antics.

Brady and Melanie shared a passionate kiss.  We are not fans of this couple getting together.  Brady is supposed to be Danielís best friend so he shouldnít be messing with Melanie.  Also, Brady is too old for Melanie so they donít look right together.

We enjoyed watching Serena rip into Nicole.  Nicole acts as if sheís big and bad so it was great to see Nicole put in her place.  We may be indifferent towards Serena, but we enjoyed her during those scenes.

Whatís with Chad?  We understand why Chad wanted to get back at Rafe, but why cost Sonny the club?  We were under the impression that Sonny and Chad were friends.  Who needs friends like Chad if he was going to betray Sonny?

Itís amazing how fast Kayla changed her mind about Aiden.  Kayla practically forced Hope to be with Aiden, but now sheís warning her about him.  Kayla needs to make up her mind about him.

Speaking of Hope, she wasnít will to believe that Bree was telling him the truth about Aiden.  Bree knew Aiden longer than Hope, yet Hope thinks she knows him better.  Hope wants to learn things the hard way.

We are so sick of seeing Abby and Ben together.  They are a nauseating couple who needs to break up.  They donít have any chemistry with each other and not matter how many times they kiss or make love, they are not a good couple.

We donít believe Aiden threatened Bree because of Chase.  He had enough time to come up with that excuse.  He didnít have to try that hard since all he had to do was convince Hope.

Paul wasted no time making love with Will.  Paul must not love Sonny the way he said he did.  The same could be said about Will.  Will must not love Sonny either or he wouldnít have had sex with Paul.

Brady and Melanie confessed their feelings for each other.  They also talked about the complications of them getting together.  They should have been more concerned with how it would affect his relationship with Daniel.

Will must be ready to divorce Sonny or something because he didnít even use Sonny as a reason why he couldnít have sex with Paul.  Will acted as if he wasnít married or something.

We donít believe for one second that Nicole wonít hurt Daniel.  Nicole always promises not to hurt people, but she always does.  Daniel isnít special so thereís no way sheís going to make a miraculous change just for him.

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Page updated 1/9/15

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