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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/29/14 - 1/2/15

Itís something how Will and Sonny are suddenly arguing about money.  It is so obvious that itís happening so one of them could have an affair.  It will most likely be Sonny having an affair with Paul.

Do the writers really thing we care about Paul not being able to play baseball again?  Paul is too new of a character for us to care about him.  We know we couldnít care less about him not being able to play baseball.

How convenient was it that Rafe was suddenly fired for helping Gabi.  It has been a secret for a while, but itís suddenly revealed now.

It would be nice if John and Marlena got back together.  It has been a while since they have been together so it would be good to see them reunite with each other.

How many times does Jordan have to be told that Chad isnít a good guy? Sheís been warned by a few people, but she still wonít listen to them.  Guess she needs a brick to hit her on the head before she gets the hint about Chad.

How fast does Melanie fall in love?  All Brady did was put his arm around her, yet all she does is think about him.  We could see if he kissed her then it would make sense that she would have fallen for him so fast.

Daniel must have gotten over Jennifer very fast.  He was only concerned with whether or not Nicole was over Eric. She should be asking Daniel whether or not heís sure that heís ready to be with her.  He was just in love with Jennifer yet heís suddenly into Nicole. 

How many times do we have to see the flashback of JJ and Eve having sex?  We got it the first couple of times.  We didnít need to see it every time your turn around.

Speaking of JJ, if he really wanted Paige to hate him, he could have told her that he slept with Eve.  Thereís no way she would have been with him if he did.  He had no reason to protect Eve so he could have sold her out.


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Page updated 1/2/15

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