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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/22/14 - 12/26/14

Whatís with Willís nasty attitude lately?  He acted as if he didnít want to take Arianna to see Gabi.  He knew that Gabi wanted to see Arianna so why would he prevent her from seeing her daughter.  Are the writers trying to turn Will into a villain so Sonny could be with Paul?

It was nice seeing Gabi getting the chance to see Arianna.  Itís good to know that the writers didnít forget that Gabi actually existed.  At least the writers remembered that Arianna actually has a mother.

Why did the writers think we care so much about Serena or her past?  She is too new of a character for us to care about her past.  There were at least two scenes dedicated to her past.

Doug not liking Hope dating Aiden is reminiscent of Doug not liking Bo.  We werenít watching the show, but we did read about it.  Hope didnít listen to Doug then so we know she wonít listen to him now. 

Guess Eve and JJ canít get enough of each other.  They managed to make love again.  She really is a cougar.  She has no shame in sleeping with her daughterís boyfriend.  How does she look Paige in the face? 

Does Will suspect that Paul is gay?  Every time Will sees him, he takes his ring off.  Is Will interested in Paul or something? Maybe Paul will be with Will before heís back with Sonny.

It looks as if the writers are trying to put Lucas and Adrienne together.  They have been spending time with each other lately so we know what that means.

The writers need to get a better actress to play Paige.  The actress they have playing her canít act to save her life.  She over pronounces words and sheís clearly bored with the material sheís given.  They may as well count their loss and recast the character.

It seems as if Will may be interested in Paul and Paul probably knows that Will is interested in him.  Paul will most likely use it to his advantage and make a play for Will.  It wouldnít surprise us if Paul uses Will to get close to Sonny.



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Page updated 12/28/14

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