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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/1/14 - 12/5/14

It could be us but Sonny seemed jealous at the idea of Paul wanting to keep his sexuality a secret.  Sonny is with Will now so why does he care if Sonny wanted to be with Theresa?  Is Sonny jealous or something?

Speaking of Sonny, Adrienne was upset that Will hadnít talked to Sonny in three days.  Adrienne made it seem as if Will hadnít talked to Sonny in months.  Adrienne would use any excuse to badmouth Will.

Is anyone else already getting sick of Melanie being shoved down our throats?  She just got back and she has been shown every day since sheís been back.  We didnít miss her so we donít want her taking over the show.  We have a feeling that she will be replacing Sami.

If Melanie didnít want anyone to notice her behavior, she should stop acting so nervous around everyone.  She is so obvious that something is wrong with her.  Itís not a surprise that people noticed that something is wrong with her.

Itís convenient that Sonny thought about being with Paul.  He didnít give Paul a second thought before he showed up in Salem.  He will be thinking about him a lot now.

If Sonny wanted to stay away from Paul, why did he go to his room?  Does Sonny really want to stay away from Paul?  It doesnít seem like it since he keeps showing up at the hospital.

How many times does Eve have to remind JJ that they had sex together?  She already told him enough that Paige would be hurt if she found out what happened so she didnít need to tell him again.  Does she like to talk about how they had sex together?  Is she hoping someone overhears the conversation?

Speaking of Eve, sheís acting as if Paige wonít hate her if she finds out that she was with JJ.  She wonít just hate JJ.  In fact, she will hate Eve more than JJ.




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Page updated 12/5/14

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