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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/17/14 - 11/21/14

JJ didnít have to listen to Eve and dump Paige.  He could have told her the truth and Paige would have hated Eve if she found out that she had sex with JJ.  Eve would lose Paige just as fast if not faster than JJ.  Paige would have Eve for having sex with her boyfriend.

Chad should be careful trying to play both sides.  Kate and Stefano are eventually going to realize that heís playing them and he might end up like EJ.  It wouldnít take much for Stefano to have him killed.

The writers really want us to root for Daniel.  The writers conveniently had a boy (Randy) come up to him to have him tie his sneakers.  Randy also ended up telling Daniel that heís a great guy.  We got it.  We are all supposed to love Daniel.

Itís hard to believe that Kate would fall for Chadís plan.  She has schemed enough that she should have known that she was being tricked this time too.  She will deserve it when Stefano takes his company back from her.

Itís disturbing that Hope was able to move on so fast from Bo.  She even told Aiden that she didnít care if people had a problem with her being with him.  We thought that Bo was the love of her life.  Guess we were wrong about that.




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Page updated 11/23/14

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