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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/1/14 - 9/5/14

What made Nicole think that Daniel would care if she took the job in New Mexico?  She knows that Daniel was upset with her and didnít want to be her friend so he wouldnít have cared if she left Salem.

Eric figured out that Nicole planned on letting him see her paperwork to manipulate him.  We loved the look on her face when Eric called her out for trying to trick him.  Did she really think that cheap, manipulative trick would have worked on him?

We loved the showdowns between Marlena and Kristen.  Their catfights are always worth watching.  They went back and forth about Brady, Eric, and John and we enjoyed it.  They work so well together so we enjoy their scenes together.

Kristen only gave part of the cure for John unless Marlena helped her with Brady.  Marlena should have known that Kristen wouldnít help John without getting something in return.

Hope clearly wanted to run into Aiden.  For some reason, Hope wanted to go out to talk to Jennifer.  They had privacy at the house, but Hope wanted to have a private conversation outside.  It didnít make any sense that Hope wanted to go out and talk when they were in the privacy of Jenniferís house.  Hope wanted to see Aiden while they were out.

Marlena proved that she only cares about John.  She really expected Eric to let Kristen off the hook for raping him in order to save Johnís life.  Marlena didnít care about John before he went in the coma, yet now she expects Eric to Kristen go.

Did Kate and Sami really think that Stefano wouldn't have paid them back for what they did to him?  Were they that smug to think that they could get away with stealing his company while he sat back and did nothing?  They should have known that he was going to retaliate against them after what they did.


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Page updated 9/5/14

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